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The New Way To Workout

Our program is an ever-changing HIIT style workout where you have a coach through your entire workout. The program is designed around strength training, cardio, & core/balance/agility in a circuit style. The best part about it is you can workout when you want. The best part about it is we have a wide variety of scheduled classes. Attend class times that fit your schedule and experience a transforming workout plan with hands-on coaching.

Teal Fitness

What Makes Us Different…


Personalized Training in a Group Setting


Hands On Approach To Fitness


Strength, Cardio, and Agility based workouts


Tailored To Your Skill Level


We design the workouts for you

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Quinton and Janelle are great….highly skilled, encouraging, and positive. I love the way they design their workouts and how it works with my schedule. No two workouts are the same. Energizing atmosphere and challenging workouts. The best!

Jill Borcich

Best gym I have ever been apart of. Not only are the workouts always different, but it is challenging for all different fitness levels. If you go and put in the work, you will be surprised with how amazing the results are. Not only are the trainers experts in what they do, but they have even better personalities. I think that’s truly why people come back over and over again to support such amazing people. They created a family feel and a great community gym.

Barrick Miller

I can’t say enough about Teal Fitness. Whether you’re looking to get back into shape or just increase your level of fitness, Teal is a fantastic fit. Quinton and Janelle provide very personalized instruction and motivation and put together workouts that are both energizing and humbling. I encourage everyone to check them out!

Eric Freed

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